Chris Brown – X – Album Review

This is an album I have actually been waiting a long time for. Since Fine China dropped last summer this was an album I was actually very much excited to hear and when that was followed up with Don’t Think They Know which featured Aaliyah my mind was made up this would be an album I would enjoy however the alum was delayed and delayed and after a while it was a case of when was it going to drop. We didn’t hear from Chris Brown for a while musically after many court appearances but that changes when he featured on Kid Ink’s monster track Show Me and that was followed by the mega hit Loyal!! We all know what happened after Chris Brown went to jail which delayed the album again, however once released he had been working on material and dropped this album which I must say is a great listen.

From the title track X all the way to the end this was an album I very much enjoyed, like all albums there are stand out tracks such as for me X, Loyal, Stereotype, Autumn Leaves which has a might verse from Kendrick Lamar and what may well be my favourite track on the album Drunk Texting which features Jhene Aiko.

Overall this is a great album with great transitions between up tempo tracks to mid tempo and ballads and one thing for sure is this will have people talking about Chris Brown the right way for his music


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