Telaport Interview

Dallas duo Telaport comprised of D’Lannie and Stevie have been on the rise recently with their music, “The name means what it sounds like because we want to teleport people to different places in time with our music. We feel our sound is a bridge between the future and the past.”

On the creation of their latest single ‘Don’t Wait’, “Well, we did the beat and it was funny because I was in the car and I always do voice memos with ideas and Stevie always does like the similar voice memos on his phone and then we we were completely separate and we got together we both mentioned we had written a song and it ended up being the same cadence, same frequency melodies. Everything is like we were on the same wavelength on this” D’Lannie said.

The song has a very positive messaging which has resonated with fans “I think the message is, we named it Don’t Wait because it’s like, don’t wait for the perfect time. don’t wait on anything or anyone. Just don’t wait to love it, just try. And even if you can’t do it, try it. And I think that’s the point is everyone’s always working towards loving themselves. I think what makes the world a better place”. Stevie said.

On the success of Don’t Wait which is certainly gaining a lot of traction currently with fans “We just want to connect with people and tell our story. But also just if it can change somebody’s day or just help somebody feel better, that’s really what we want is to just be able to teleport people, even if it’s from their bed, just to be able to go on a journey with us and kind of escape for a little bit. In 10 days heading over to 20,000 views on the video, we weren’t expecting that. We’ve never put out a video before or as anything is teleport. So this summer is really the first time we’ve actually put out anything visually and it’s really exciting”. D’Lannie said.

Currently the video is on 70,000 YouTube views and is growing day by day, and with the duo being independent artists and at times juggling their music with a 9-5 job as real estate agents, the success they are seeing right now has been down to hard work and dedication. “If you love it, you make time for it. I think that’s part of the journey, you can’t always have what you want all the time. So when you have those concentrated moments where you only have an hour or two, you really just start to nail it and you start to appreciate it”. Stevie said.

Telaport want to take you away to a different area not only when you are listening to their music but also when you are watching it, with visuals being an important part of their music in captivating their audiences. Fans can also expect so much more from the duo for the rest of the year.

“We have a another single. It’s called disco. It’s great that one’s more is there was a little bit more of a banger but it has that kind of that retro vibe to it, very near electronic synthesis kind of vibe. I think people are really going to like it. So that one, hopefully July or August, and then we have our album it’s called Better Together, So that hopefully that will be released by the end of the year but we’re so excited for disco too, because disco’s about escaping to a different place in your mind but we just want to tell as many stories as we can after the album and we hope to travel with our music.” D’Lannie and Stevie said.

Watch ‘Dont Wait’ below.

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