Translee Interview

Nearly two and a half years have passed since I last caught up with Translee, an artist hailing from Alabama currently signed to Grand Hustle which was founded by T.I. Since we last met in late 2019, it is safe to say that the world is in a completely different place right now than back then due to COVID-19. Our initial conversation after so long had to start with the pandemic and how life had been for him during that period “It actually was really good because it actually gave me time to sit down and like really think think things through like what I’m doing with my career and what I’m doing I my life,  It was actually a very enlightening time for me know and I think for everyone and to have the world stop was insane”. Translee said.  

During the pandemic when schools were closed and people were isolated in their homes, the world truly saw the differences between economic classes in society, on his latest record ‘Feed We’ Translee speaks on this issue emphatically. “It felt l like I was walking in my purpose and you know, it just started like how I do music. I have something I want to say and then that’s how I get it across instead of just talking about it. I actually can probably get that message across in music but That’s how I get thoughts of how I feel about things going on in the world out”. Normally many artists can often shy away from speaking on such subjects by Translee is the polar opposite “That’s kind of my Avenue, it’s saying things that people may not say out loud, but putting them in a digests me away so that everybody can take it. I think that’s what the artist job is it. A lot of things are going on in the world that are tough to talk or taboo to say, but artists are kind of free to dance in that space a little more. So, you know, it with a certain things I want to talk about, I know I can put it in a song and people will get it”. Translee said.

Someone as creative as the Alabama artist is and someone focused on growth the pandemic did not slow him down. During this period his clothing brand ‘Inner Peace Outer Glow’ was formed. Taken from the about you on the brands page “I truly believe once you find your inner peace you’ll have that outer glow. As a conscious rap artist I’m big on story, purpose, and actually having a meaning behind the things you say and the things you do … Hip hop has taken me as far as the eyes can see and through that journey of ups and downs I was able to create Inner Peace Outer Glow. And ironically I struggled with it the most. Something that started as a saying at our Co-founder Sarae’s vision board party is now a brand that’s a constant reminder to many. We look to so many things outside of our own selves for that peace that can really be found within”. Since then the brand has not looked back and has exploded with some famous faces wearing the brand, Los Angeles Lakers Anthony Davis and Omari Hardwick being the most notable. On the success the brand is having right now in such a short space of time, Translee was blown away by how successful it has been so far, and with such a positive brand and emphasis on mental health awareness its great to see it is inspiring to see it do so well and for somebody as notable as Translee to be pushing this message out to the publuc “It’s been such a hidden topic for so long, especially for men it’s important for us tap more into therapy and taking care of ourselves. You got to live in your head for the rest of you life so you might as well make it a beautiful place to stay”. Translee said.

Heads did turn online recently when Translee linked up with Zip K and the duo released ‘Dreaming Of The Past’ and the comments section was flooded with fans eagerly anticipating a new mixtape Takers 4. “Me and Zip K started a series called Takers back in 2012, where we would get on other peoples beats and would put it on live mixtapes back in the day and did three series and we stopped on Takers 3 in 2014 and now after so much time we’ve been back locked in and when we go on beat jacks we just seem to go crazy and we’ve built a fan base that like us for Takers”. Translee said.

On top of that Translee for the rest of 2022 is going to ensure he stays on fans radar with new merchandise dropping for Inner Peace Outer Glow and consistently releasing new music and putting on events. His latest project Social Currency is now out for fans to hear.  

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