G-Unit – The Beauty of Independence Review


GGGGGGG-Unit are back with unexpected EP Drop. Now growing up I was a big G-Unit and 50 Cent fan and recently I can’t lie I wasn’t really feeling alot of the G-Unit songs that have been dropping as well as 50 Cent’s Animal Ambition album. This EP however is a very good listen, it has good beats, 50 killing the hooks and add’s some great verse’s, even Kidd Kidd who has been widely criticised as being part of the crew pulls his weight with some decent verse’s although it will still take some getting used to hearing him on a G-Unit record. Banks and Yayo do what they do and put together some really good appearances. Young Buck however adds a bit of energy to each track and it’s nice that he’s back in the G-Unit fold.

It’s a short EP which really is a great one and hopefully is one in which they can build on it and not stray too far from this sound because it is a winning one. 



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