Top 5 UK Hip-Hop & Grime Songs of 2017

This is an interesting list I’ve put together because there are other records done by these artists that could be worthy of this list but these are songs that I’ve been playing the most. With the 1st and 2nd place, the two artists have basically smashed 2017.


5. Dave – How I Met My Ex

Now this record isn’t one that I have played on repeat like many others by Dave, perhaps Samantha should have made this list in place. This song however is an amazing record and the lyric ability by Dave to take you on a journey and sell you a story is a very difficult thing and he done that brilliantly on How I Met My Ex.

4. Yungen – Do It Right ft Haile x Sneakbo

This again is a record that could not make this list and again I could have chosen another Yungen record like Bestie but this is a song I’ve been playing on repeat this year.

3. Lotto Boyz – No Don remix ft Chip and Not3s

Lotto Boyz have really had a breakthrough year in 2017 and that was with their hit single No Don, in my list I’ve put the remix version with Chip and Not3s.

2. J Hus – Did You See

1. Stormzy – Big For Your Boots

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