Dotty ft Charlie Rose – Gone With The Wind

Born and raised in Thornton Heath, South London, the home undoubtedly of some of the UK’s finest talent comes another gifted young talent in raw and thought provoking lyricist Dotty., who is now ready to showcase his own material with debut single ‘Gone With The Wind’.

‘Gone With The Wind’ features Dotty’s blood brother Charlie Rose and proves talent truly runs in the family. This debut single showcases to his fans the sound that Dotty is transitioning into. Dotty states ‘Gone With The Wind’ is the perfect first single as it shows me at the position I am in in my present life but I also make it very clear where I am intending on heading”. West London’s RXR Music produced the beat and Dotty knew instantly when he received it what route he was going to take with the track and that Charlie’s vocals on the chorus were the icing on the cake.

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