My Top 10 Songs of 2015

Usually I would split it up between Stateside artists and UK artist’s but this year I thought I’d just make one big list and there were a few artist’s that just missed out, such as Wiz Khalifa, Bonkaz and only just Chris Brown and Tyga.  It is however positive that there was more UK artist’s than US one’s.

10. Big Sean – All Your Fault ft Kanye West

I feel that Big Sean has had a very good year and in my opinion one of the best rap album’s released this year and All Your Fault was one of my favourite songs from it.


9. Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean

Justin Bieber came back in 2015 with a new mature sound and has literally smashed the charts worldwide.


8. Krept and Konan – Freak of the Week

When this record came out early this year it immediately became a favourite of mine from the bars to the video to the epic DJ Mustard beat.


7. JME – Man Don’t Care ft Giggs

This year has been a year for grime and it has been amazing to see JME get the credit he deserves and even make an impact on the charts.


6. Stormzy – Shut Up

This record came out quite a while ago but it gathered alot of momentum over the last few weeks with push to make it Christmas Number1 and really brought the scene together in terms of pushing this record to chart.


5. Fetty Wap – 679 ft Remy Boyz

This has also been an epic year for Fetty Wap with his debut album and dropping three top 10 singles which have all been club bangers.


4. Chip – Coward

This year has seen Chip announce his return to the scene in an epic way. It was a hard record to choose as there easily could have been three other’s that could have been in my top 10.


3. Skepta – Shutdown

Skepta has done alot for the UK this year, from his concert and BRIT performance with Kanye West to this epic track which was performed with Drake at wireless


2. WSTRN – In2

This is an artist that literally came out of nowhere to having the record of the summer.


  1. Drake – Hotline Bling

In the middle of his spat with Meek Mill he dropped this banger which shutdown the internet and produced some of the funniest meme’s this year as well as being a insanely catchy record.


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