Kid Ink – Full Speed – Album Review

Kid Ink was one of my favourite rappers of 2014, with hit’s like Show Me, Iz U Down and Main Chick, I really got into his album and music. Kid Ink is a very different rapper to one’s that are about at the moment, like the title of his last album, he really does have his own lane and he executes it to perfection. The rapper even went on a world tour towards the end of last year, I mean how many artist’s do we see do that?

So I went into this album as a fan expecting a certain sound and to be fair I wasn’t disappointed. From start to finish the tempo is so high and even the slow song’s such as Round Here have that fast paced vibe due to Kid Ink’s flow that it still an enjoyable listen. An album with alot of high profile collaborations from the likes of Usher, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Tinashe, Young Thug, Migos and R Kelly definitley add to the album and I believe that this is a better LP than My Own Lane and is one that cements Kid Ink as a credible artist and as one that is here to stay.

My Favourite Tracks: Hotel ft Chris Brown, Body Language ft Usher and Tinashe, About Mine ft Trey Songz, Every City We Go ft Migos and that’s limiting it down to four as I could have easily picked another two or three.

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