Justin Bieber – Apologetic Video

Over the last two years Justin Bieber has been all over the news, and for all the wrong reasons from his infamous bust-up with London Paparazzi to his DUI arrest. The singer just went onto the Ellen show after releasing a video apologising for his behaviour and spoke about how he was acting wasn’t him and he was trying to pretend to be something he’s not. I do feel for the singer as he’s had to grow up in front of the public eyes and that has had a lot of people scrutinising every thing he does and I know if I was growing up and had that kind of money and that kind of fame it wouldn’t surprise me if I’d have gone wild as well.

The singer has spoken on the Ellen show about it and is due to have his own comedy roast soon. I just hope now that he just goes back to letting his music do the talking and he comes out with some great songs because one thing people can’t take away from him is his talent.

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