Harry Brown Interview

Harry Brown is a singer from the UK, who has had levels of success over the last twelve months. “I got into music and singing by going to church, singing in choirs when I was 17/18 and I got discovered by a producer and then I started song-writing and it led on from there” Harry Brown Said.  

Being influenced by the likes of Drake and Tory Lanez that influence of pop-rnb soul sound is very much evident in the music that he produces, with previous singles Silent Killer and Right There. Latest record Put It On Me again has that vibe, speaking on how he created the record “I started off with the chorus and the melody then just came into my head, I went into the studio, with my producer and sang the chorus and it was a case of building the beat around it and that’s how I do most of my songs. I write them before and build the beat around it, and sometimes I’ll go into the studio with a full song and build it or just sections of it. But put it on me came together really quickly and was an easy record to create”. With the visuals of Put It On Me set to be released September/October time, quality control is extremely important to the singer and you can hear it in the mix-downs of his productions through to his music videos. “I feel like in the UK at the moment, everybody is jumping on a wave and not being original and with me I want to sound like myself and not anyone else. I have influences from other people but I don’t want to be them or sound like them,  I just want to do pop music with different influences that reach a mass of people and get feels of what people like”.

The rest of 2018 and the next twelve months look set to be a fairly busy time for Harry Brown, with more singles and videos being lined up, the singer is also planning to perform at shows and gigs in Lonon during that time.

Check out Harry Brown’s latest record Put It On Me below.


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