BRKE Interview

BRKE will be a singer that you’ve probably seen or heard of over the last couple of years. Since debuting on national television on series 4 of The Voice, she has gone onto rise in popularity in the UK scene. “Growing up in my house music was such a big thing, I remember my mum and dad would throw the biggest parties, there was such a mixture of music being played and I just remember thinking that I wanna be apart of that. Bob Marley would be playing and then it would switch over to Phil Collins, so such a different vibe. As I got older, I remember listening to 21 Seconds by So Solid Crew and I remember hearing it everywhere, my mum was singing it, the girls down the street were singing it, it was all over radio so I remember growing up to that. Then listening to Dizzee Rascal, Wiley as well as being such a huge fan of Chip, I remember when he did Champion with Chris Brown and that was such a big eye-opener for me, he’s such a sick artist in the U.K and when he worked with one of my favourite artists in America and seeing that come together and marry so perfectly, I instantly knew this is something big, so definitely them as well as Aaliyah and Destiny’s child were big influences on me” BRKE said.

When speaking to BRKE, what caught me almost instantly was how passionate she was about music, you can hear the influences the artist’s above had had on her music. “I think my genre and vibe is very RnB, especially with the people I grew up listening to, my sound has gotten U.K Hip-Hop elements, Afro-Swing but the core of it is definitely RnB”. Previous single’s such as Hold Up and most notably Cupid just scream out the huge RnB influences on her career from the super catchy hook through to the production and arrangement on those records. Her latest single Control Me showcases the same qualities but more importantly her growth as an artist. “For me making a song is always a chilled process, I was in the studio with a producer called Jaki Wolf, he’s not even human he’s that dope, we was in the studio together and he started playing the beat for Control Me and I was like I need to jump on this. We were just talking about deep conversations and record just grew from there”.

Many people would remember the Essex singer featuring on BBC One’s talent competition The Voice. “I think it helped me on a big scale production wise, I found out a lot of things that went on behind the scenes but it was a great show and a great experience with meeting so many different types of people”. On the show she performed by regularly rapping which at the time was a quality that was very new and rarely seen on talent shows such as The Voice and The X-Factor. “I’ve learnt a lot about myself and how I handle things, I’ve learnt social media can be savage, there is still acts that I look up to a lot and they still get keyboard warriors going at them. It is also important to be who you are, in the long term if you try and be someone else it will always catch you out, so it’s best to be true to yourself. Having a positive team behind you that are always supporting you is very important and to be always be grateful”. Speaking on the big things learnt since embarking on a career within the music industry.

BRKE fans will be delighted to hear that there will definitely be more music on the way with the singer working on future projects, keen on writing songs and making music that is relatable to her fans and is something that they can connect with.

Check out BRKE’s visuals for her latest single Control Me below.

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