Vibbar – Sweden

Vibbar present their new single ‘Sweden’.

An amalgamation of sounds, influences and voices, ‘Sweden’ is the perfect illustration of the fact the group is built on ‘vibes’. Catchy bars flirt with percussion as the melodic instrumental takes you on a journey through hazy fade outs before bursting back in to its rhythmic life via amped up bass and crystal clear production. Visually the video captures the collectives boundless charisma which is immersed with creative flair. From the cutting edge of rap to the forefront of fashion, Vibbar represent effortless cool.

Upon first encounter of the distinctive group it is quite possible that you may already recognise some of the individuals, as each member have their own talents and profiles covering a diverse selection of creative fields; it is this diversity and talent that fuse together to create such an uber collective. Skits, Skribz and Jordy provide lyricism via rap, whilst a host of featured singers (inc Joel Baker and Shola Ama) add to the bubbling pot of talents, sounds and style, all of which is brought together by the production team TheConfect as they take the helm for the music. In-house photographers and videographers are added to the diverse mix, topped off with the art director Yinkasays, bringing visual creativity to the centrefold whilst the infamous Poet is a linchpin of the group that adds his prestigious style and flair – as well as bringing his incredibly hard earned profile from presenting on Copa 90 – the global YouTube football phenomenon.

Vibbar’s uncomplicated love for what they do and their changeable talents allow them to morph in to any role required for them to continue their own evolution as a collective. To date they have DJ’d and collaborated with numerous brands and hosted guest appearances on their tracks from Big Narstie, Wiley and JME, amongst others, plus they host their own weekly show every Monday from 5pm on Radar Radio. With the release of ‘Sweden’, they are on the brink of even more new conquests.


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