Nitty Scott Interview + Creature! Album Review

Nitty Scott has just released her latest album Creature! “I got started in music around 15 years old, when I transitioned from poetry and spoken word to rap while in art school. I made some homemade mixtapes and did talent shows that ignited a passion for creating hip-hop music ever since. I grew up on a lot of different influences, mostly from my parents and my deep south atmosphere. My dad raised me on a lot of classic soul, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Sam Cooke kind of stuff. My moms was always listening to La India, Marc Anthony, Lisa Lisa. And down in Florida, we were always bumping Uncle Luke, anything outta Slip N Slide Records, mad dancehall. I’m really just a blend of so many cultures and sounds” Nitty Scott said.

Growing up and taking in so many different sounds and cultures from a young age has really influenced the rapper in her work up and it is evident in this album. “Creature! Was brought to life over a process of two years, a collaboration between myself and producers Fast Life Beats and Yung Lil Big. I worked with them to create a fusion of sounds that mirror my own blend of identities, dabbling in both magic and realism to explore the inner-city experiences of black and brown women with island roots. It was really about the producers extracting the vision from my mind until the experience felt complete”.

There are times where it feels like you’ve been taken to the Caribbean then over to Latin America, before finding yourself in New York with a very hip-hop sound. Nitty does this very smoothly and her delivery helps this transition and showcases her versatility as an artist. “. I’m known for cultivating great bodies of work, and this project carried that tradition of being a fluid experience. I also gave myself permission to go into whatever direction I wanted to – what makes the project cohesive is the content and the narrative – so I’m different in that way, where I don’t limit myself to one sound or approach”.

In terms of standout tracks, For Sarah Baartman, In The Water and Don’t Shoot are the ones you need to keep an listen out in my opinion. “I think there’s no filler and every track serves a special purpose, but I’m really proud of “La Diaspora” and what it represents. I’m proud of making a song that’s so important but still fun and enjoyable? That’s a success in execution that I’m happy about as an artist”.

Nitty really excelled in her story-telling on the album and wanted to make sure that every track on the album told a particular story. “I was a creative writing major in art school as well as some journalism experience with the NY Daily News. I definitely incorporate my knowledge of storytelling, literary devices and such to be a better lyricist. You could say that I rap like a nerd”.

One thing you can definitely expect from her in the future is to get more music and she is somebody you need to keep an eye on.




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