Haraam – Trailer

Stepping Stonez are due to release their latest film Haraam, the project looks beautifully shot, with it grabbing your attention straight away from the quality of those shots. The teaser gets you gripped to the storyline and has hooked on wanting to know what happens to the next to these characters. The score under the trailer however fits in absolutely perfectly and very much matches the emotions and captures the mood of the characters so well.

“Haraam is an independent feature film, written & directed by SRZ (Serge Rashidi – Zakuani). The film centre’s around one day in the life of GEO, an aspiring filmmaker who currently works at a picture framing store. In love with his colleague and friend Layla(Ainy Jaffri) but afraid to tell her and afraid to go for his dreams, the film finds him at the point where he must decide to either go for it or let it all go, especially since its Layla’s last day at work.”

The release date of Haraam is still TBD at the moment, but it’s definitely one to keep your eye on.

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