Reggie ‘N’ Bollie Interview + New Single This Is The Life

Reggie ‘N’ Bollie are names that you might be familiar with, in 2015 they graced our screens every Saturday and put smiles on faces across the nation when they performed on the X-Factor. The duo finished as runners up in the competition behind Louisa Johnson. “It was a really big opportunity that we had, as a platform to showcase what we are about, I think that everything connected at the right time and we had the chance to be on a huge show like X-Factor and we had a great time, we are grateful for the chance and also everything that was happening to us was so good so we couldn’t be sad about it”, Reggie Said.

The duo were noted for their high-octane performances which literally put smiles on everybody’s faces, however that wasn’t without their critics, being mentored by Cheryl who has been through a lot herself was probably the best mentor to have in terms of guiding them to being runners up on the show, “Cheryl, she is such a lovely person and a very positive minded woman and she’s taught us a whole lot of things. Such as ignoring all the negativity around and staying true to ourselves and pushing through with our music”, Reggie Said.

Reggie ‘N’ Bollie were then signed to Syco after the competition, however the duo have now become independent artists which they are absolutely revelling in the opportunity to be able to have their destiny in their own hands and being able to control their output. “It has been very exciting and challenging at the same time. The excitement is that you wake up in the morning and now your destiny is in your own hands and you are the one calling the shots and making your own contacts and assembling your dreams to push your vision so that is very exciting. The challenges are that the industry is highly controlled by the major players at the big labels but we are ready for it and in life nothing comes easy, the fact that we are independent at this stage and if you go back 20 30 thirty years most of the major labels started as independent as well and now they are majors and it took their hard work and consistency to get to where they are and who knows maybe 5 to 10 years we could be major players in this industry”, Reggie said.

The duo should be commended on their determination to succeed and when speaking to them it really does come across, their belief and confidence in themselves is very refreshing. This Is The Life is their latest record and when I heard it for the first time I was taken aback by how different it sounds to any of their previous records. “It is the most inspirational piece that we have sat down and wrote ourselves. Considering our journey so far, it hasn’t been straight forward and there has been lows and highs and we’ve always picked ourselves up, to know that once we keep going we’ll get their eventually, so it’s been inspired by our own lives. We are telling people that regardless of challenges you have to pick up yourself and stay true to yourself and you believe you will get there.  This is the life is the more deep stuff that people are enjoying from Reggie and Bollie but that is not what we are about and there is more to us than this is the life”, Bollie Said.

The duo’s versatility is something that fans will be excited to see, as will the Che Chesterman collaboration that is set to take place after a video emerged online showing the trio in the studio together recording a new record. “People are going to see so many things that is not really expected when it comes to Reggie and Bollie, with Che Chesterman who is a good friend of ours we know his capability and what he can be and when you combine what he has and what we have, the music is going to sound amazing. That song is a motivational piece that is going to empower our fans, and when people listen to it, they are going to have a different perception to Reggie and Bollie, then people are going to see that it is not sunshine all the time but when it comes to talking about subjects that touches on stories of life and how to make people grind and follow their dreams that is Reggie and Bollie and we will cover every aspect of music”, Bollie Said.

Reggie ‘N’ Bollie are set to have a very busy 2017 “People can expect a Reggie and Bollie album and we will be working hard to make sure we go up a level to a certain to degree and when the album comes out people can expect a Reggie and Bollie tour, and we want to get as big as possible and impact society positively”, Bollie Said.

Check out their latest single This Is The Life  below.

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