Chase N. Cashe Interview

Chase N. Cashe is an artist who has been in and around the music industry for over a decade, born and raised in the musical city of New Orleans he had many inspirations and growing up. “I had a wide variety of influences starting from Mannie Fresh / Cash Money Records to Master P / No Limit Records. I grew up seeing a lot of street performers in the Brass Bands walking in Second Line celebrations. It’s a mixture of live band and dancing that marches around the city like a parade. New Orleans Jazz music was also a huge inspiration on my music“, Chase N. Cashe said.

This led to him releasing his latest project titled The Black Jesus. “The project was inspired by my daily life. Since I’ve had longer hair and a beard many people come up to me in the streets saying that I look like Black Jesus. I figured it was a great way to connect with people without force. If my look gave off this powerful image to them then why fight it? I just embraced it and named the album “the Black Jesus”. Jansport J also sent a beat with the title “Black Jesus” so it all made sense in the moment. The concept is basically restoring faith in what I would call Hip-Hop Soul. The story of Jesus being a black man has always been controversial to an extent so I wanted to use some of that energy as well to attract listeners”. When you do listen to the project, you notice straight away that it doesn’t sound like anything that is out right now. Chase N. Cashe drew from his inspiration of soul music when composing this project.  “I grew up in the soul / funk sampling era of Hip-Hop and it left a lasting impression on my creativity. I like the feeling of being classic but always being refreshing. The Black Jesus sounds refreshing compared to a lot of the music you hear on the hip-hop scene”.

In an era at the moment in Hip-Hop where many artist’s in the industry are vying to get signed and get a major label backing, there are artists such as Chance The Rapper and Stormzy who are having very successful careers as an independent artist. “Being an independent has been a tough but rewarding journey for me because I’m an avid learner. I like to learn about the business I’m in not just create and be blind to how the process works. Stormzy has proven that patience and persistence is one of the keys to Independent success. Gathering funds & resources for tours are a few of the challenges I’ve had being independent. I would love to be involved with a major label such as XL Recordings because I feel like they do a great job of finding the artist strong point to help growth take place. I would love to remain Independent so I can continue to work with the team that has helped me get this far while also partnering up with a major to take my brand to the next level“.

Chase N. Cashe has had great success as both an artist and a producer but doesn’t mind the difficulty in trying to juggle to two skills. “I find it to be more fun than difficult. The only difficulty I come across is that people find it challenging to embrace me as an artist that 100% produces for other artists and 100% produces for myself. Since I started making music I’ve been writing and composing. It was never a split decision for me because I only saw it as one being that Pharrell was my main inspiration. I saw him doing diverse creativity so I chose to do the same. My focus is simply on being creative so that’s what I get done. The business of music makes it seem like I’m choosing sides but I’m honestly just doing my job as a team player when I am called to be a Producer. I see myself simply as an Artist”.

Working alongside some of the biggest artist’s in Hip-Hop such as Lil Wayne. One person back in 2011 got the major backing from Chase N. Cashe when he gave the title as the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time). That artist was Drake. The duo worked together on Drake’s Grammy award winning album Take Care, “I saw in him the same fire I have inside of me. He’s always been steadfast with his creativity and belief in himself and those around him. We went on tour together for Club Paradise and I saw how determined he was to be what he knew was possible even though the World may have their doubts. Without seeming like I have a huge ego I must say I’m one of the greatest to do music as well. The mutual respect we have for each other is why I was able to see his greatness and is a huge part in why the record “Look What You’ve Done” I produced for him has stood the test of time”.

After having such a great start fans of Chase N. Cashe can expect to see much more from him this year. “You will see a lot of music videos coming from me. I’ve been known to drop a lot of projects but my focus now is to be visual so my fan base can grow. You will also see me on the International scene more in places such as London & Paris. I want to be surprised by where the music takes me. Above all you can expect me to be here and not go anywhere. The music will keep me here”.





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