Don Benjamin Interview + New Single, Enough

Don Benjamin recently dropped his latest record Enough which featured singer DeCarlo. Born in Chicago and residing in Minneapolis, Mississippi before moving out to Florida however when the he realised he wanted to pursue music full time and moved to Los Angeles. “The early days were hard. I lived in a 1 bedroom with 4 other guys, we were all barely making money and putting our food stamps together to keep food in the house. Wasn’t until I got on Americas next top model in 2013 until I started seeing some money and notability” Don said.

Along the way Don has put out a variety, Hit The Snooze, Jealous and Touch My Body were singles which were released over the past couple of years. “I definitely tried to show that I am versatile and that I have different sounds and it also comes from working with different producers and just trying to touch on different subjects depending on the beat and the style”. The versatility has worked for Don as fans have enjoyed hearing the different types of records he produces. Speaking of his latest single Enough, “The background of this song is really just about being in a relationship that at one moment you want out of and the other moment you don’t want to let go of and just trying to work out a relationship and make it last on a daily basis”.

America’s Next Top Model is when people first potentially may have got a glimpse of his career and he has been trying to juggle the two hectic lifestyles. “At times it gets hard but usually I can focus on modelling during the day, studio at night and then do shows on the weekend”. Recently he also featured in Ariana Grande’s Into You music video where he c0-starred as the singer’s main love interest, “It was a fun video and Ariana was great to work with. The video came out really dope so I’m super blessed to have been a part of It! It was 18 hours of shooting so I was very exhausted afterwards but it was well worth it”.

There is no doubting Don’s work ethic, from working between modelling and music. He is definitely succeeding  in building his brand and as his music progresses you can almost certainly hear him developing as an artist. “I want to put out a EP in the next couple months and hopefully a album by the end of the year. I’m just trying to consistently put out content that my fans can understand and keep seeing me grow”. He spoke on his views for what he plans to achieve for the rest of this year.

Catch his latest single Enough below.

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