Aston Merrygold Interview + New Single, One Night In Paris

Aston Merrygold recently released his latest single One Night In Paris, this record follows up from earlier singles Get Stupid, Too Late and I Ain’t Missing You. Versatility is something that is important to the singer and he has not been afraid to try out new sounds on his journey to solo success, “I do pop music, there’s a lot of different sounds when it comes to pop, but they all fall under one beautiful roof, the best part is there’s no rules when it comes to doing music so why not try a bit of everything and show your versatility” Aston said.

The singer rose to fame when Marvin Humes, JB Gill, Oritse Williams and Aston himself as part of JLS auditioned for X-Factor in 2008, were they finished runners-up that year. JLS went on to sell six million records and had multiple number ones and awards before there break up in 2013. “We had an amazing career and when I think back to what we did it was massive and I’m proud”. After perusing his solo career, many artists have often found it difficult to transition from being in group to developing a solo career “it’s been a few years now and a big thing about being a performer is being able to adapt in performance situations so it didn’t take long to feel comfortable”.

Aston has most certainly excelled in that scenario with his music gaining positive reviews from his fan base as well as his live shows. Having performed across the UK and overseas, “touring is massively important, especially to me. Performing in general be it on tour, TV, studio, it is my favourite part of what I get to call my job”. Having such a successful career, the singer’s personal career highlight was performing on stage. “For me it would have to be performing with the Jacksons at the Michael Jackson tribute concert at Cardiff stadium. That was epic!”

Having toured worldwide and with the success of JLS, Aston has global appeal when it comes to being an artist. He recently collaborated with Australian-born Throttle and Lunch Money Lewis for the EDM record Money Maker and has teased fans with the possibility of more collaborations coming in the future. With 2017 planning on being a big year for the singer, we can definitely expect an album and more projects coming from him and for people being inspired by Aston’s journey his advice for navigating the industry “Do whatever the hell you want do and that makes you feel alive! Enjoy it!”

You can watch Aston’s latest single One Time In Paris below.

If you want to see Aston on tour, see the dates below:

Aston Merrygold – Gorilla, Manchester – Wednesday 3rd May 2017 – 7pm

Aston Merrygold – 02 Institute, Birmingham, Thursday 4th May 2017 – 7pm

Aston Merrygold – 02 Academy, Islington, Friday 5th May – 2017 – 7pm

To buy tickets click on the link below.

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