Mya – Smoove Jones (Album Review)

Mya has released her latest album Smoove Jones. I’ve taken my time with this as I wanted to really listen take my time with it. 

This album has vibes of true RnB from the 90s and 00s and is such a refreshing listen and a change from what we perceive that sound to be today. This will be something that will please true fans of the genre who have pined for music like this. 
Intro and Welcome to My World’s mid-tempo production kick starts this album extremely well and just takes you into a different zone. The multiple times I’ve heard it, the weather has been so amazing and this album just accompanies it really well. Smoove Jones does have it down tempo songs such as Phya and Coolin’ which you can just put on it just vibe out too. 
Overall this is a great album and Mya has shown why she still relevant today as she was in 1998 when she released her debut album, that is through putting out great music. Smoove Jones is a great album in which I encourage all RnB fans to give a listen.

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