Chip – Believe and Achieve EP2 (Review)

This E.P, I really wanted to give a proper listen over a period of time before I did a review on it. This is Chip’s 2nd part of his Believe and Achieve EP with the first part being released earlier in the year. Since then Chip has pretty much shaken the scene up by going after Tinie Tempah and Bugzy Malone on a series of diss records that had everyone talking.

So upon the release of Believe and Achieve EP2, I had high expectations for it, especially after hearing tracks such as My Bruddaz original and remix as well as the 96 Bars of Revenge it did lead to an anticipation of this project. Opening track Pepto Bismal see’s Chip just delivers straight bars with Parker Ighile whose produced hit records for Chip, adding the vocals at the end.

Another frequent collaborator joins Chip on Connected, this track itself is my favourite record of the EP and one that I’ve been playing non-stop over the week. Eric B kills the hook and Chip reminds us that he is very good at writing songs of this ilk. Weigh Up x Positive is a song that is one you can literally just put on and vibe out too.

One record since it’s release that has had everyone on the net talking and has racked up over 135,000 views in 4 days on it’s official video is Bookey. Now when I heard this record, I did like it but it wasn’t one that I was religiously playing. When I was driving yesterday and listening to the EP, this record sounded different and I literally played it back and listened to it over and over again for most of my journey.

Overall this is a good E.P and the Believe and Achieve project in general is a great piece of work from Chip. It showcases his lyrical ability alongside his versatility in writing records for different lanes.


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