Bugzy Malone – Walk With Me EP Review

Bugzy Malone a few months ago not only took on the self proclaimed grime scene saviour but arguably one of the few household name UK rappers in this country. The little spat with Chip took over social media whilst fans argued who came out the better from it. One thing it did do however is give Bugzy a platform and an introduction to listeners who didn’t know and ones who would go onto be fans of him. 

This week the Manchester rapper releases his EP and it has absolutely stormed iTunes and is currently sitting at Number 6 on the national album charts. This is the first time not only a rapper but a grime artist outside London has received such support that it’s measurable in the charts. The EP itself is a great body of work and this is well and truly a grime EP. You can hear his determination on opening track Ready to Blow whilst getting personal on M.E.N and Pain. His wordplay on this EP is very good and he has set a high bar for himself.  One thing it seems is that almost still hasn’t sunk into him yet the success has, as he continually mentions that he has received a million views on YouTube but this is only the start for him and no doubt those numbers will rise very quickly and it is with no doubt that Bugzy Malone has made a scene become nationwide now.

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