Chip – Believe and Achieve EP 1 (EP Review)

Chip released his Believe and Achieve Episode One EP last week and I’ve listened to it quite a few times and really tried to ingest it before writing a review on it. Chip has really come back into the scene this year with a bang and most importantly he has got people excited about the music, from his Fire In The Booth, Pepper Riddim and The End it set Chip up perfectly.

Being a big fan of Chip’s I was expecting very much a 140 BPM Grime esque EP, however from the first track Where Are You? that was not going to be the case and this EP is very much showcasing Chip’s versatility to be able to excel on many different genre’s. You do have the grime track’s on there from I’m Fine and School of Grime which received great reception from fans. You then have much more personal songs such as Where Are You?, Holdin That and probably one of my favourite songs that Chip has put out in Make It Home. These song’s give you an insight into his mind-state and what he has been through in the last few years since putting out London Boy. As a fan I wondered what happened with his situation with T.I and Hustle Gang because from the outside looking in, it seemed to look very good, our London rapper was over in state-side making moves and putting out songs with all these big US artists. He addressed that in one line in Make It Home, “I left hustle gang and came home, I had to soul search” and it was quite powerful in the way he delivered it and got across essentially two years of his career and life in one sentence.

Overall, I think this was a great EP and it left listeners wanting more and essentially in my opinion that is what an EP should do. It should be a taster and leave the listeners hooked. I’m pleased to see Chip back doing what he does best and putting out good music and really look forward to what’s going to be coming out in the future.

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