G-Unit -The Beast Is G-Unit (EP Review)

This week G-Unit released there second EP since there comeback “The Beast Is G-Unit”. Being a big fan of 50 Cent and the rest of G-Unit and being impressed with there first EP “The Beauty of Independence” I was excited to hear this EP. From the first song it is very different to there first EP in terms of it sounds more gritty, 50 does what he does best on the opening track “Ballin” in terms of giving a killer hook and a verse. Choose One is another great song from the album but the one song that I feel is the weakest from first listen is Bring My Bottles but I feel this could be a song that could grow on me. On a whole this leaves you wanting more from the unit and that is probably the best compliment you can give in terms of it makes you want to hear more from them. A special note I must give is too Kidd Kidd who when he joined G-Unit I was very against it but as time has gone he has just got Better and Better and is very much holding his own alongside the platinum rappers. 

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