Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise (Album Review)

So I’ve literally just finished listening to this album and I have to say it is Big Sean’s best piece of work to date. I quite like finally famous but his sophomore album to me was quite disappointing however I do not think I could rave about this album enough. They features on this album are great as well, Drake on blessings is a great song as well as Lil Wayne on Deep who boasts about how Sean does not get the credit he deserves, Kanye West on all your fault and Ariana Grande who absolutely kills the chorus on research.

I must say also that this album is a more enjoyable listen that J Coles forest hills drive and Drake’s If you’re reading this it’s too late and proves that Big Sean should be in that category with Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole

Favourite Tracks : Blessings ft Drake, All Your Fault ft Kanye West, I know ft Jhene Aiko, Deep ft Lil Wayne, Research ft Ariana Grande and Paradise

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