Drake – If You’re Reading This Its Too Late (Album Review)

Being a big Drake fan I was eagerly anticipating a mixtape to drop sometime around the anniversary of So Far Gone. When I woke up on Saturday morning my Twitter timeline had exploded with captions from songs and people discussing this Drake Album. The latter word album stunned me the most from people debating whether he dropped this project as an album to get out of his Cash Money deal, the title of the project “if you’re reading this its too late” being a dig at Birdman as well as the line that shut down Tyga referencing him acting like his girlfriend(Kylie Jenner) age.

Going through this album you know your going to get a good quality project from Drake, even though this does sound like a bunch of throwaway songs put together that didn’t make Views from the 6 it still is better than what a lot of artists produce as their albums. Drake has managed to keep that feel in term’s that it actually sounds like one big song and that it flows well. If Nothing Was The Same was predominantly a rap album this one sound’s very different, it’s a lot slower and more melodic.
Overall it’s a good project, Drake sets his bar so high that it is not better than what he’s released previously and to me Take Care is a classic album and So Far Gone was a classic mixtape but it does get you excited to hear Views From The 6.
My Favourite Tracks; Energy, Star67, Preach ft PartyNextDoor, You & The 6, 6pm In New York

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