Dappy – Beautiful Me

Dappy has been gone for a while and I remember I was part of a team that interviewed him last year fresh after big brother before his show at 02 Islington and he spoke about new music and big stateside collaboration he had in the pipeline and there seemed to be a period after that until the end of the year where he was in and out courts going through various trials.

Going into this new year he has just dropped of his new song beautiful me and I am stunned, this song is a really great song and one thing that Dappy has never been questioned about is his talent and when he gets back to doing what he does best there is not many in this country that can touch him. The video which accompanies the song is also in my opinion his best video and tells the whole story of the song so well. I truly hope this helps put Dappy back into the public eye and getting people talking about him for the and right reason his music and it makes me excited for 2015 and what other music he will release as well as additions to his infamous Tarzan freestyles. One thing for sure is this will be a big year for Dappy.

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