Young Money – Rise Of An Empire – Album Review

Young Money - Rise Of An Empire
Young Money – Rise Of An Empire


Young Money returns for their sophomore compilation album. Their highly successful debut album spawned two top ten hits, Every Girl and Bedrock. When I heard this initially I was very excited however when the tracklist leaked a few weeks and excitement was dampened. Only one song with Drake which was a throw away song that didn’t make Nothing Was The Same and only two songs which feature Nicki Minaj and one was a song that we heard a few weeks ago which was the controversial single Lookin’ Ass.

Listening to the album I think it is quite clear that new signing to the label Euro is an artist who has a lot of potential. I think Tyga’s feautures on the album were good and help build up the rappers’s buzz for his third album.

This album sounded very rushed and will not have the level of success as the label’s debut album We Are Young Money. It is an album which is ok. It’s not amazing nor is it bad. I would have liked to have seen the inclusion of Cash money artists Jay Sean, Busta Rhymes and The Game on the album but from Young Money there should have been more songs which featured Shannell. However it could be telling that the best songs on the album were Trophies, Lookin Ass and Moment. Which were respectively three solo tracks on the album of Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.


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