Justin Bieber Retirement Announcement. My View On It

Justin Bieber has just released his journals album. A review of this will be up shortly but the singer caused shock waves when he announced on Christmas Day that he was retiring.

The 19 year old singer has been under the intense watch of the public for the last 5-6 years since he exploded onto the music scene with super hit one time. However many don’t know the struggle Justin had to even get played on the radio. He was carrying out an intense radio promotion at such a young age and it is only fair for the singer too take some time out, too not only mature as a vocalist but as a person as well.

I think most people are disappointed with this as Justin has over the last couple of years matured with his music and made songs with a slightly more urban slant which has captured a lot of new fans.

However if Scooter Braun is too be believed this may not be a retirement but a short time out and Braun said that it would only be for a year or so however I do believe it would do Justin Bieber good not only music but for him personally too take a break and stay out of the public eye as their would be no doubt that he would still have his loyal fan base to come back too and he would gain news fans with it as well.

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