Justin Bieber – Believe Review

Justin Bieber has most defiantly come along way since his early days of drumming out super pop hits such as Baby and One Time. This album is about him finding a new sound, trying to break away from the squeaky clean image he had. Many have been comparing him to Justin Timberlake and been saying that this album could may well be his Justified. After following his career alot more closely after the christmas album I realised that he isn’t the same artist anymore that made the cheesy hit Baby but he is a kid growing up and finally making the music which he says he wants to make. 

As soon as the album started I was pleasantly surprised with how this album started. All Around the world is a good club track which features Ludacris. This track is followed by the super hit Boyfriend which is almost the perfect track Justin could make to capture a more urban fan-base and with songs such as As Long As You Love Me features Big Sean is arguably one of the best songs on the Album the dubstep beat immediately draws you in and is a song you cant help but like. One collaboration which I expected one his album would be a song with Drake, however when most people expected the song they would have thought it would similar to As Long As You Love Me a big club song with a rap verse. On the contrary this song was a RnB smash with both artists singing. This is a song which I believe should be the next single as I believe this could be a huge song. After this there are a few good RnB songs on this album which show off his vocals. With the album ending on a billie jean esque song Mariah.  

My overall view of this album was that I was very suprised and Didnt think I would enjoy it as much as I did and that it is a good album and as good if not better than alot of artists in the same lane as him. This album could easily be a Chris Brown or Usher album and people would love it and takes an album like this where people would change their view’s on him. 


Sales Prediction 450,000-500,000

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