Chipmunk – Transition Review

Chipmunk – Transition Review

This is a review I did about a year ago when this album came out. Found it and thought i’d put it up on here.

Chipmunk is back with his sophmore album Transition. The Album is a follow up to the platinum album I Am Chipmunk which spawned hits such as Oopsy Daisy & Look for Me. Singles of Transition have cracked the charts with Champion coming in at Number 2 and In The Air rapidly climbing up the charts. Transition is the album in which Chipmunk has said that this is the music that he wants to make. I shall be reviewing this album track by track.

This is the opening track of the album. The beat for this track is hard and drags you into the album straight away. Lyrically this is one of the top tracks on the album which shows chipmunk’s lyrical ability. A Solid Start to the Album 


Follow My Lead ft Eric B
This track has a military style beat and is a good track. Eric B kills the chorus.


Flying High
Flying high released back in November as a taste to Chipmunk’s new and improved sound, this is a great track.


Champion ft Chris Brown 
The main single of the album which charted at number 2. This track is an epic track, the extended version features a piano intro which is a really good addition, as well as a new verse that is placed in the track. 


Chipmunk Says “This beat is Foul” and he is right the beat for this track is crazy!!! One of my personal favourites on this album it shows a cocky confident side to Chipmunk, whilst taking a pop at the people who have criticised his move to the  mainstream by opening the track with ” i never once said F**k grime”.


In The Air ft Keri Hilson
The second single of the album this is a good track which lifts you up. Keri Hilson is great on the chrous of the track.

Then And Now
Then and now is a chilled track in which Chipmunk talks about how far he’s come and how his life has changed from entering the music business.


White Lies ft Diddy Dirty Money
This is a great track which is featured by Kalenna of Diddy Dirty Money. In this track Chipmunk talks about the backstabbers in the music industry and about the people who tell white lies


Every Gyal ft Mavado
This is one of my favourite tracks of the album its something different that we have not heard from Chipmunk before. This track talks about Mr Munk’s ability to be able to get any girls that he wants. A Great track accomanied by a great beat and great hook by Mavado.


Take Off ft Trey Songz
Another personal favourite from the album, this talks about how hard it is to be in a relationship when you are in the public eye. Trey Songz does what he does best and gets you singing along to the chorus which is super catchy. The beat is probably the second best on the album. This track has the potential to be a very big song for chipmunk which could help him crack america.

Armageddon ft Wretch 32
Whenever Wretch 32 and Chipmunk come together you know its gonna be fire. This track is just class with the two rappers showing of their lyrical ability over a hard beat.


Picture Me ft Ace Young
Picture me is a solid track to the album which talks about taking control of your life and aspiring to achieve you dreams. This features American Idol star Ace Young who accompanies Chipmunk really well on this track.


Pray For Me
The closing track on the album is just a straight up hard rap song in which Chipmunk talks about his current mindset. The ending of the track is one of which i really love about the album, in which he raps acapella towards the end by ending the album with the phrase “this is my transition”. Showing you how far he has come lyrically its is a nice end to the Album
Overall view is that this album is a big album, it is an album in which you play from start to end and enjoy every song which is very rare. It is a big step up from the first album which was very pop driven. My peronal favourites of transition are ; Transition, Every Gyal, Foul, Take Off.

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